Upfront Puppet Theatre John Fletcher Parkinson

Upfront Gallery
Hutton in the Forest
CA11 9TG
Tel: 017684 84538
Email: john@up-front.com
Website: www.up-front.com
Member of: BrUNIMA

Performer of: Giant Street Figures, Glove/Rods, Marionettes, Workshops
Design and production of puppets and settings.Working on devised pieces with actors masks and puppets ,devising performances in schools
Audiences catered for: All the Family
From 4 to 90 years of age ,workshops have been provided for reception up to university level students.Stan parker collection of marionettes available for performance and study.
Suitable Venues: Medium 40-250
We have a touring ,framed and blacked out marquee for outdoor festivals, to present Stanellis Super Cicus
Target Audience: Community Groups, Festivals, Outdoor Fetes/Parades, Schools/Colleges
Currently providing family, fairy story based, shows.Stanellis Super Circus soon to be added to repertoire.
Availability: Any Location
Free when not performing Christmas ,Summer and Easter season in own venue
Maker of: Giant Street Figures, Glove/Rods, Marionettes, Workshops
Large carnival heads,community workshops.See up-front.com for other work,sculpture, installations etc.
Provider of Services: Production
Production workshop rehearsal space available in puppet friendly environment
Description: Marionette performances in own venue seating 80Moving stage waggons and revolve with scenery and special effects.Specialy composed background music for each show

The Snow QueenStanellis Super Cicus

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