Mister Peter’s Puppets Peter Charlton

65 Kingsley Avenue
Tel: 020 8997 8236
Mobile: 07931 550365
Email: peter@peterpuppet.co.uk
Website: www.peterpuppet.co.uk
Member of: BPMTG BrUNIMA Equity

Society for Theatre Research
Performer of: All
Outdoor shows include St. George & the Dragon & the Victorian barrow show, The Siege of Troy
Audiences catered for: All the Family
Shows suitable for most age-groups from Under-fives to Adult
Suitable Venues: Small <40
Rig time: 1 1/2 hours
Target Audience: Any
Availability: Any Location
Distance no object providing the price is right!
Maker of: Workshops
Provider of Services: Training
Talks on general aspects of puppetry
Description: “The show I enjoyed most in the whole bloody Dome” (The Times)This was The Siege of Troy

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