PuppetCraft John Roberts

1 Venton Oak Cottages
Tel: 01803 867778
Email: john@puppetcraft.co.uk
Website: www.puppetcraft.co.uk
Member of: BPMTG BrUNIMA Equity

Performer of: All, Marionettes, TV/Film
Shows for many ages, for festivals, village halls, schools. Shows with one to 6 performers. TV and theatre work.
Audiences catered for: All the Family
Most show cater for a wide age range.
Suitable Venues: Medium 40-250
Flat-floor or raised-stage venue. We are fully self contained. We carry own lighting and sound equipment.
Target Audience: Any, Festivals, Schools/Colleges, Theatres/Arts Centres, TV/Film
Each show has a suggested age range... adult to 3 year old
Availability: All Week, Any Location
Performing year-round: National and international touring.
Maker of: All, Marionettes, Workshops, TV/Film
Beautifully crafted puppets, with wooden marionettes a speciality.
Provider of Services: Production, Training
Have worked as consultant for many theatre and arts companies.
Annual puppet carving courses held in Devon.
Teacher/Academic: Yes
PuppetCraft provides quality workshops for adults, children andfamilies on puppet making and performing.
Description: Visually stunning, with live music... always great story-tellers

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