Sussex, East
Tel: 07898 840 053
Email: drew@shadowgraphy.co.uk
Website: www.shadowgraphy.co.uk
Member of: Equity

Performer of: Shadows
Hand Shadow Puppetry / Shadowgraphy
Audiences catered for: All the Family, Under 5's, 5-10 Years, 10-15 Years, Adult Only
Suitable Venues: All, Small <40, Medium 40-250, Large >250
Full black out required.
Target Audience: Any, Club/Cabaret, Community Groups, Festivals, Outdoor Fetes/Parades, Parties, Schools/Colleges, Special Needs, Theatres/Arts Centres, TV/Film
Availability: All Week, Weekends, Evenings, Any Location
Maker of: Shadows
Hand Shadow Puppetry
Provider of Services: Production, Training, Other
Hand shadow puppetry masterclasses
Teacher/Academic: Yes
Hand Shadow Puppetry
Description: As the lights go down a single white circle (like a full moon) is illuminated; the shadow of a hand appears in the circle – two hands. Then with a deft movement the hands have transformed into a bird, a rabbit, a flowing river or a mans face, and the audience are laughing, gasping and demanding to know “How does he do that?” What is this magic of light and dark that so transfixes young and old? It is the ancient art of Hand Shadows (or Shadowgraphy) - the art of creating and animating shadow images using little more than the performers hands. In Drew Colbys hands the artform is a source of comedy, beauty and wonder.

In a word - a delight

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