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Q. Why do I need a user name and password and how do I change my password?

A. To protect your entry and to prevent other people from inadvertently (or otherwise) altering your details we have built in a number of security checks to protect you. You need to set these up as part of the registration procedure and keep a note somewhere secure of what you register as your personal details. We are sorry to have put you through this slight inconvenience, but it is in your interests.
User Name
You will need to enter a user name whenever you wish to make changes to your entries in the Directory and Whats On. It can be your real name or a fictitious one, if the latter, be sure to remember it and, in your interests, keep it short and simple (minimum four characters)
This is also a key to enable you to enter your personal my account area. It must have at least four characters and only letters or numbers can be used. Note that it is case sensitive ie Malvolio is different to malvolio.
Password Question and Answer
For maximum security your password is encrypted in our database, and even we do not know what it is. Therefore in the event of you forgetting your password you need to be asked a question to prove your identity so that we can reactivate your account. You have to devise this question when setting up your account. For example it could be What is the Mules name? Answer : Muffin. There are many other possibilities of course such as : your first school, favourite puppet, etc?, or anything else unique to you that will establish your authenticity.
Changing Passwords
If you feel that your password may be known by someone else, or wish to change it for any other reason you can do so from the My Account menu by selecting the Change Password option and entering your current password.


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