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Q. How do I add an image to my Directory Entry?

A. Both the Display Entries (classes D and E) permit images either as a logo or picture.
Images need to be uploaded to your personal store on the PUK site before you will be able to insert them into the Directory Entry Submission Form.
The first thing to do is to make sure that your images are an appropriate size. If they are too big they will squeeze your text and distort the page.
Display Directory Entries (Class D): maximum of 200 pixels wide.
Top Level Directory Entries (Class E): maximum of 400 pixels wide, 500 high.
Banner/Logo option for Class E: maximum 300 pixels wide, 150 pixels high.
Use Jpeg or gif format - not tif because of downloading problems.
To save downloading time further, reduce to around 10Kb.

Adding image to personal store:
After logging in to main menu, click on ‘Manage image collection’. Then click ‘Browse’ to locate the image on your computer. Select it and close box. The file name will now appear in the PUK box next to the browse button, click ‘Add’.
If you are adding more than one image, repeat the above. Then click ‘main menu’.

Transferring the image from your personal store to an existing directory entry:
At the main menu click ‘Edit/Remove Directory entry’, and then Update, and chose your current entry at the top of the list to take you to your original entry submission form. Click on the dropdown arrow adjacent to ‘Company Logo or Picture’ box. Select the image you wish to add, which will then appear in the box. Scroll down and click preview button at the bottom. If all is OK click submit, otherwise return and edit further.


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