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‘The Punch and Judy Show’

Words and Music by Ben Black Copyright MCMXXIX by Harms Inc. Published Chappell

[Posted to PUK by Clive Chandler - Nov 2007]

Come with me and I will take you back a-gain to days of long a-go,
When we used to gath-er round to see the merry Punch and Ju-dy show.
Just a frame with cur-tains tacked up-on it made of col-oured cal-i-co,
And a lot of lit-tle wood-en peo-ple Just a -jump-ing to and fro.
There was Punch, a cun-ning lit-tle fel-low, with his fun-ny nose and chin;
And his wife, tho’bet-ter known as Ju-dy, who came gai-ly tripping in.
There were man-y oth-er lit-tle f-gures, some were fat and some were thin:
But the kids are wait-ing very anx-ious-ly, so let the show be-gin!

The curt-ains are o-pened. What do we see?
Good-ness me! Punch with a club hits poor Ju-dy on the head.
Then up comes a p’lice-man in his suit of blue, Brave and true;
Punch with one blow knocks the poor old bob-by dead.

All the kids be-gin to laugh. Oh Gee! ‘Twas lots of fun.
Yell-ing loud to all the crowd, Says Punch “That’s number one!”
Then up comes a hang-man so tall and slim, stern and grim.
He sets up his gal-lows And says “I’m af-ter you!”
Then a fight. What a sight! They struggle on the floor.
With a blow, Punch lays him low, And he is seen no more.

Now the show is ver-y near-ly o-ver, How we hate to see it end!
All the fig-ures come back for the finish, See them make a gra-cious bend.
Of all the things that tick-led ev-’ry fan-cy In the days of long ago,
There was none that made us quite so hap-py As the Punch and Ju-dy Show.

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‘The Punch and Judy Show’

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