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Puppets in the Trenches

Dugout Puppet© State Art Collection in Dresden / Alexandra Loser

A recent article in the PUK Newsletter (click here to join us and find out how you can receive yours!) featured puppets made by German soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front during WWI. These puppets helped the soldiers pass the time - and also probably provided a welcome distraction from the horrors surrounding them.

Lars Rebehn of the State Museum, Dresden, whose musuem owns the puppets, has helpfully provided links to these puppets as well as other WWI-themed puppets in the collection.

Dugout Puppets - Puppets made by German Soldiers fighting in the trenches.

Devil/Soldier in a gas mask circa 1921-1923

Admiral with Bloody Hands circa 1921-1923

You can visit the website of the museum and search their collection of these and other puppets here.

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Puppets in the Trenches

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