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Punch and Judy College of  Professors

Punch And Judy College Of Professors

College members are among the leading practitioners of Punch & Judy in the UK today and have organised, and performed at, numerous festivals locally, nationally and internationally.

The College promotes the highest standards in the performance and presentation of the traditional show. It has a particularly robust attitude towards upholding the reputation of Mr. Punch as an imp of mischief whose role in society is occasionally misunderstood by humourless self-elected guardians of public morality and it argues Mr. Punchs case with vigour.

Visit us for a peep into the colourful world of this centuries old tradition. Meet the Profs, read the Slapstick Symposium papers, learn of Punchs Hits and Myths, find out about the worldwide relatives of Punch and Judy, discover the history of the show and the fascination it still holds for millions.
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